What has been going on? What next?

We had a podcast and it was fun. We would record it on Monday nights and release it the next day. We did it well for a couple of months but then life hit. I had a new baby which forced me to go to bed earlier so I could match his schedule. This allowed me to get around 5hrs of sleep and still wake up at 5am to workout.

So my options for recording are Friday and Saturday night but that does not work for Mike and Mark because they work on the weekends. So as bad as we want to continue the podcast, it will probably be on hiatus for a little while longer.

So, we still need to lose weight and we still want to talk about it. So we will pledge to post more content here and our social media accounts.

We thank you for sticking around and hope that we are providing value in the form of laughter or inspiration.

2 thoughts to “What has been going on? What next?”

  1. Just as a recommendation, why don’t you guys take turns writing different blog posts. Updating everyone on your current weight, what you’re doing to lose or maintain your weight and words of encouragement for those of us struggling. Seeing you guys lose weight has been encouraging me try harder to lose more. Shame the podcast is on hiatus for a bit longer. But yeah, life happens.

    1. Great minds think alike! That is kind of what I am hoping to do. We will also keep the progress page up to date as well.

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