Fat Leading The Fat: The gadgets are optional, focus on the mind first.

I have been guilty of waiting to get a new gadget to start getting in shape. This has happened with FitBits and other items. I would think that if I had X gadget then that would be the thing that would help me lose this weight.

Well, we all know how that turned out 🙂

I think the same can be said for equipment in general. The fact is that no equipment or gadgets will make you do anything (How many treadmills have become clothes hangers?). Only your brain can make you do things and that is where your focus should be for the first few weeks.

Take this for what it is worth because this is the fat leading the fat but I have many attempts under my belt and all have failed because I was dealing with other issues. Near the end of last year, I finally addressed my issues with my doctor. They were pretty low level ADD kind of things but I realized that I was jumping from one thing to another and would get bored quickly. 10 minutes on a treadmill was torture. I have gotten some help with that and now I can go 45 minutes on the treadmill with no problem.

So if you are thinking that a device will save you, I would just think again. Start doing things without the device. Do it for a few weeks to make it a habit and then get the device to supplement your workouts or diet regimen.

I believe that this will help you stick to it much longer when you know that you control your destiny and does not rely on anything else but you.

Now stop being a fatty and work out at home with no equipment. Check youtube videos with routines in them. Do this for two weeks and be proud. Then once you know that this is your life from now on get some help with hear rate monitors  and FitBits.


P.S. This article comes to mind: https://www.today.com/health/fitness-band-frustration-users-complain-weight-gain-trackers-t66146